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When it comes to operating a business, all businesses eventually have conflicts whether it be with partners, vendors, distributors, suppliers or consumers. It’s inevitable that problems and business disputes will occur, and as a business owner, you want a quick and effective resolution that protects your company’s rights and reputation. For over two decades, Phillip Scott Hibbard has helped businesses in the Augusta area and across the CSRA resolve business and commercial disputes and continue their daily operations.

Are you considering opening a business? Phillip Scott Hibbard can provide you the business formation services you need all while answering any business law questions you may have. If you already have an established business in the Augusta or CSRA area, Phillip Scott Hibbard can assist you with the essential business legal work, such as contract drafting and review, regulatory compliance and taxation planning. Phillip Scott Hibbard has assisted business owners for over two decades by meeting business goals and preparing a proven legal strategy that facilitates success.

Skilled & knowledgeable business law advisers in the Augusta area

Phillip Scott Hibbard has continuously helped entrepreneurs in the Augusta area and across the CSRA start businesses while also providing knowledgeable and trustworthy guidance through all facets of the business process. Phillip Scott Hibbard is the premiere business lawyer choice when it comes to these business law areas:

  • Choice of entity – In Georgia, you can choose among several business entities, such as corporations, LLCs, general partnerships and LLPs. How you structure your business impacts issues such as ownership rights, personal liability, tax filings and how you can raise capital to finance the enterprise.
  • Company bylaws – Phillip Scott Hibbard Law can draft effective rules for governing and operating your business that helps you build an ethical company culture and can keep you in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.
  • Land use and permitting – At the law firm of Phillip Scott Hibbard, we advise you on real estate leases and purchases while also helping you get the state and federal permits you need to begin operations.
  • Buy and sell agreements – If you form a partnership, you want to have a plan for moving on if the relationship does not work out. A buy and sell agreement among your owners set the terms for buying out a separating partner or allowing the partner to sell to a third party.
  • Franchisee – If you want to grow your business by offering franchises, or you want to purchase a. franchise to become your own boss, Phillip Scott Hibbard can advise you on the franchise process. At the law office of Phillip Scott Hibbard, we protect. Your rights so you can derive the greatest benefit from your investment.

If you are seeking reliable and trustworthy advice from an Augusta business lawyer, Phillip Scott Hibbard can help form your business through a process catered to you and your needs for a solid business foundation from the beginning.

Business law contract services from Phillip Scott Hibbard

One of the most important aspects of any business is ensuring you have sound contracts. Contracts are how you communicate your expectations, maintain cash flow and enforce your rights. The law office of Phillip Scott Hibbard can review your current contract to find weaknesses and areas of exposure and then suggest effective remedies. Phillip Scott Hibbard also negotiates and drafts contracts to make sure that you are conducting business on the best terms possible. If you and your business run into a contract dispute, Phillip Scott Hibbard can draw from his over two decades of business litigation experience to resolve and rectify the situation.

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Phillip Scott Hibbard assists business clients in the Augusta area and across the CSRA. To learn more about our business law services and how we can help you form a business or protect your current operations, contact our law office for a free initial consultation.